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The House 
Of Cuban Coffee


Strong Coffee & Strong Tradition

La Colada Gourmet is a family business founded in 2016 in Little Havana, Miami, the heart of Calle 8. Inspired by our roots, we strived to create a space with authentic “sabor cubano.” 


Our name honors the recipe, la colada, the best-known Cuban coffee in Miami. Intense, sweet, and simple, la colada, is served in small doses to share among friends, family, acquaintances, and strangers. For us, it is as important to enjoy the flavors and aromas of coffee as is the act of sharing, which greatly identifies our Cuban and Latin culture. 

From visiting our store, one can enjoy more than 20 coffee recipes created based on traditional Cuban blends. Each specifically crafted to enhance the flavor of our espresso and derive its different notes.  

Unique Since the Beginning


Proudly serving the same quality coffee from day one, the complex process of obtaining a full-bodied, balanced espresso starts from the first bean.


Our coffee beverages are extracted from high quality selected beans. They are 100% Arabica, harvested in mountains above 4,800 feet (SHG – strictly high ground), and from certified plantations. Keeping to our traditions, they are roasted daily Cuban-style.

A handful of green coffee beans held over a green coffee bean sack.

All For One, and One For All 


We feel a deep devotion and respect for coffee, and all those involved in its long process, from its cultivation to its consumption. Our coffee comes from the hands of small producers, who depend on this crop to sustain themselves and their families. Their great care and dedication added to more than 35 years of experience have made it possible for many people to experience an excellent cup of coffee in its final destination, our store. 


We are committed to doing our part by consciously providing a great product, whose origin is based on compliance with environmental protection and the fair and satisfactory payment of producers. We are proudly Rainforest Alliance Certified and Fair Trade Certified. 

Be Part of the Colada Gourmet Family! 

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